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National Association of Geoscience Teachers (NAGT)/U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) 2018 Cooperative Summer Field Training Program

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What is the NAGT/USGS Cooperative Summer Field Training Program?

Now in its fifth decade, the National Association of Geoscience Teachers (NAGT)/U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Cooperative Summer Field Training Program is the longest continuously running internship program in the earth sciences. Over the past fifty-one years, more than 2,400 students have participated in this program with an impressive number of these individuals becoming full-time employees of the USGS.

With active participation and support from the highest levels of both the NAGT and USGS (including the Director of the USGS), a joint committee oversees the program. The program “year” begins in September with over 100 field camp directors being provided information about the program and the opportunity to nominate up to three students, based on total camp enrollment.  Field camp directors can nominate students whose field course was at least 4 weeks in duration and completed in the year they are nominated. In addition, nominees must be US citizens. (View a current list of schools that host geology field camps and find useful information about each field camp.) Nominated students apply by sending a resume, letter of interest, and transcripts to the USGS Education Office. At the same time, USGS scientists interested in working with an intern send information about proposed field and laboratory related scientific projects to the Education Office. Candidates are then matched by their course work, skill and interest with up to five projects. The listing of candidates and accompanying academic information are sent to USGS scientists for review, interviews, selection or possible further discussion. As interdisciplinary system science is a cornerstone of USGS science, all science disciplines are encouraged, and do take advantage of this program. Students hired through this program have continually received outstanding reviews from our managers.

Over the years, NAGT has succeeded in identifying top-flight students for the program, and the USGS has succeeded in garnering the interest of competent and enthusiastic supervising mentors. The NAGT/USGS Cooperative Summer Field Training Program provides a first rate professional experience to students early in their careers. It is a wonderful partnership that influences the career paths of future scientists in positive and exciting ways.

NAGT/USGS Cooperative Summer Field Training Program Projects

NAGT interns work on all sorts of different projects. For example, some do lab work, some do field work, and others do GIS and mapping. New projects are available each year. More information on the background and history of the program, as well as a list of the most recent NAGT/USGS internship project placements, can be found in the 2018 NAGT/USGS Cooperative Summer Field Training Program Annual Report.

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Click here to read testimonials from previous NAGT/USGS Cooperative Summer Field Training Interns!

“I spent the summer of 1989 working for the U.S. Geological Survey in Golden, Colorado, on an NAGT/USGS Summer Field Camp Fellowship, for which I remain profoundly grateful to both NAGT and the USGS. Getting to Golden was made possible by a wonderful field camp experience the previous summer, when I was one of about a dozen rising juniors and seniors learning the ropes under the guidance of Bill Travers from Cornell… Having lived my life as an easterner, the glamour of being at the foot of the Front Range was considerable. I shared a little house on a ranch outside of town with two Colorado School of Mines students who worked for the USGS. I would ride my bike to the USGS office on the Mines campus every day, passing the giant Coors factory that still dominates the town and fills the air with the pungent scent of fermenting hops.  Weekends were given over to exploring the high country in pursuit of 14,000 foot summits… All three [of my] mentors were wonderful guides who made the effort to… involve me in the broader scope of their research. At the end of that Golden summer, I headed to grad school with a much better sense of the work of a professional geologist and with a profound respect for the dedication and acumen of the men and women of the USGS.”
-David Applegate, senior science advisor for earthquake and geologic hazards, U.S. Geological Survey (1989 NAGT-USGS Intern)

“I am glad that this program continues to be supported.  It was a very valuable experience for me, though I didn’t realize that at the time as a 23 year old.  I recall thinking ‘this will be a great adventure’ (which it was).  As I continued with graduate school, and a career of geologic mapping with two state geological surveys (Indiana Geological Survey and the Illinois State Geological Survey) I have continued to use concepts that Kenneth J. Englund taught me at the outcrops and road cuts in West Virginia.  Ken was an excellent sedimentologist and mentor.  I continued on a career in glacial geology and even though we were looking at Paleozoic rocks, the principles of sedimentology are the same.  I will be forever grateful for the USGS/NAGT experience.”
-Steven E. Brown, M.S., L.P.G., Senior Quarternary Geologist, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (1987 NAGT-USGS Intern)

“I have enjoyed working at the USGS National Wetlands Research Center in Lafayette, LA this summer.  I always assumed that if I got the chance to be employed by the USGS that it would be as a geologist.  Never in a million years would I have guessed that I would be employed as a biology intern and that I would enjoy it as much as I have.  Before coming to work this summer, my knowledge of USGS research was focused mainly on the geologic, hydrologic, and geographic projects that are conducted. This internship opened my eyes to the diversity of the research projects that are conducted by the USGS. Dr. Jacoby Carter has allowed me to assist him on his urban tree frog population monitoring project, his urban nutria project and apple snail project.  He has given me the opportunity to work on a variety of projects with different investigators at the NWRC. I’ve worked with Richard Day monitoring the water quality of the Atchafalaya Basin in response to the 2011 Mississippi River flood. It was awesome to get to see the principals and processes that were discussed in my Sedimentation class last fall in action. Working in Rockefeller National Wildlife Refuge with Elijah Ramsey conducting remote sensing field validation work in support of NASA UAVSAR was amazing.  Riding in an air boat and visiting the salt marshes for the first time was great. This week I've been working in the green house with Rebecca Howard assisting her with harvesting her Ten Thousand Island Green House research project.  Measuring different species of grass this week has been surprisingly fun.  Louisiana is an incredible place, and I am so thankful that I got to live and work here this summer… Overall, working for the USGS for the past two and a half months has been very rewarding. I have learned a great deal and met some fantastic people. I hope that future NAGT-USGS interns have the opportunity to come to the NWRC to work; it is a wonderful place with a very talented group of scientists.”
-Elizabeth Studebaker (2011 NAGT-USGS Intern)

Previous NAGT/USGS Cooperative Summer Field Training Program Interns By Year

The NAGT/USGS Internship Program has been operating continuously since its inception in 1965. The USGS has recently verified the names of NAGT interns back to 1989. Click on a year below to view a list of intern names from that year.

Allen, Lauren
Babu, Ramesh
Damis, Omar
Dickoff, Meghan
Downs, Drew
Fairchild, Gillian
Gold, Dan
Kass, Jesse
Laudadio, Christine
Messmer, Martin
Negri, Jacquelyn
Prante, Mitchell
Reddy, Poonam
Rhode, Abagail
Strouse, Stephanie
Tuttle, Samuel
Waldron, Bret
Yurchyk, Stephanie
Barnes, Curtis
Bergen, Kristian
Bolz, Michael
Bradshaw, Sabrina
Busby, Michael Weston
Davis, Ryan
Dawson, Amy
Doelger, Sarah
Gulbranson, Erik
Guzzo, Brittany
Lyttge, Michael
McKinney, Megan
Odette, Danielle
Orland, Ian
Oshun, Jasper
Pagel, Michael
Parsons, Luke
Powers, Aaron
Simmons, Erica
Stolz, John
Troy, Joanna
Celebrezze, Eric
Chaisson, Megan
Dark, Joshua
Diefenbach, Angie
Duxbury, Jane
Fox-Lent, Cate
Gilmore, Greg
Gouldey, Jeremy
Herriot, Trystan
Hocking, Crystal
Maurer, Kathryn
McKeown, Nancy
McMeans, Megan
Robinson, David
Schlegel, Mellissa
Shannon, Neil
Thompson, Sarah
Belknap, Sabrina
Coble, Matthew
Eros, Michael
Fulmer, Tyson
Geboy, Nick
Graves, Dustin
Hatcher, Kendra
Hoffman, Nick
Konfal, Stephanie
Lambert, Matt
New, Jenn
Pearce, David
Rotberg, Gabe
Scott, Erin
Strumness, Laura
Bellinger, Emily
Carpenter, Jenny
Cochrane, Jessica
Johnson, Reuben
Keating, Trisha
King, Jonathan
Riker, Jenny
Angernam, Charles
Elswick, Virginia
Fassbinder, Joel
Frederick, Zanden
Hayden, Nick
Jankovic, Lauren
Moeller, Carrie
Nasrallah, Josh
Newkirk, Trent
Ortiz, Alfredo
Shipley, Kyle
Steedman, Clare
Alstatt, Ann
Bablau, Cody
Blakely, Rob
Bosley, Allyson
Breecker, Dan
Brown, Hillary
Handel, Jason
Hereford, Anne
Huffman, Brad
Kneeshaw, Tara
Lee, Kristen
Mazurek, John
Mininger, Kevin
Newton, Seth
Nielsen, Jan
Pierson, Dennis
Pollard, Jennifer
Remley, Kendra
Richey, Kaili
Saulter, David
Anderson, Anita
Balasko, Clara
Barber, Teresa
Burrell, Kevin
Guetschow, Heidi
Gregg, Shawn
Hullings, Ryan
Kiger, Lora
Kirby, Stephan
Langenberg, Elizabeth
Lenz, Jennifer
McPhail, Kristopher
Rempe, Jason
Shapiro, Yogesh
Shingleman, Kristen
Smith, Matthew
Wright, Barry
Barnett, Adrienne
Beanland, Shay N.
Beitler, Brenda
Brock, Amy Lynn
Brooks, Robert W.
Endres, Adam F.
Friedman, Julie A.
Heffernan, Adam S.
Kohlman, Alyssa M.
Michelsen, Karen J.
Becker, Thomas P.
Blanton, Arnold J.
Bookshar, Jess J.
Bothun, Rikka L.
Britts, Robert C.
Christofferson, Shari
Crain, Jessie L.
Eckhart, J. Christopher
Edstrom, Sven
Fahringer, Peter E.
Flowers, Rebecca M.
Gallarano, Corrin S.
Gobbins, Stacie L.
Johnson, Christopher
Kenshalo, Sarah M.
Kessler, James A.
Marlow, Brian S.
Norton, Kevin P.
Pociask, Geoff
Reid, Bradley H.
Riihimaki, Catherine A.
Steffen, Kurt J.
Tiballi, Craig
Williams, Angela J.
Anderson, Kevin S.
Borella, Maxwell
Bosze, Stephanie L.
Bova, Melody
Brown, Leo T.
Brown, Sarah L.
Buehler, Mark A.
Carlson, Steve D.
Cates, Luke M.
Cederberg, Jay R.
Curry, Jaime S.
Danziger, Gregory S.
Detweiler, Shane T.
Deyhim, Phebe M.
Dunn, Andrew B.
Faust, Trent H.
Feinberg, Josh M.
Fisher III, Martel J.
Hamaker, Joshua R.
Hargrave, Eric V.
Hein, Andrew S.
Hein, Kristen A.
Houston, Robert A.
Hunt, Brian B.
Isaak, Yvonne K.
Jewel, Eleanore B.
Johnson, Kathleen R.
Kalendovsky, Mary A.
Kelley, Brent D.
Mathur, Ryan D.
McCarthy, James H.
McCarthy, Thomas D.
McGuire, Emmet H.
Myer, Kevin M.
Odegaard, Carrie L.
Padgett, Lynn M.
Palmer, Jody L.
Payne, Jonathan L.
Quane, Steven L.
Rapp, Joshua M.
Ruebel, April L.
Ruf, Jason C.
Schleicher, John R.
Singleton, Michael J.
Van de Ven, Christopher
Willsey, Shawn P.
Wyatt, Michael B.
Zaprowski, Brent J.
Bacon, Steven N.
Baird, Karen R.
Banks, Emily S.
Bielinski, Robert A.
Bilek, Susan L.
Bohlen, Megan E.
Borell, Jarret M.
Clementz, Mark T.
Clover, Fletcher P.
Cochran, Susan A.
Conaway, Christopher H.
Cookman, Janette L.
Costello, Carey S.
Craig, Craig J.
Doherty, Patrick D.
Ellis, Robert J.
Essenburg, Cheryl L.
Esterle, Jeffery A.
Fenton, Cassandra R.
Galetzka, John E.
Graham, Gregory B.
Hallum, Douglas R.
Haruthunian, Alina
Hodge, Tamara L.
Hoffman, Ryan S.
Huang, Mike Y.
Hulm, Erik J.
Jacobson, James D.
Johes, Egan J.
Johnson, Joel E.
Klohe, Cheryl A.
Lawrence, Kira T.
Lear, Michael B.
Locke, Adam L.
Long, Thomas C.
McBee, Lisa A.
Means, Brent P.
Meyer, Robert P.
Mikolas, Marlo
Mize, Scott V.
Murray, Jessica A.
O’Grady, Damian B.
Orth, Shelly A.
Pratt, Sara E.
Randolph, Carolyn E.
Rogers, Johannah W.
Roth, Michelle L.
Sava, Jr., Robert H.
Scharer, Katherine M.
Schuh, Lori K.
Schuster, Dwight A.
Sinor, Michael S.
Sivers, Eric A.
South, Dean M.
Spinelli, Glen A.
Swanson, Kierston, A.
Szot, Amanda V.
Tarsoly, Jennifer A.
Thomas, Rebecca B.
Tobias, Jennifer L.
Tokash, Samantha
Watt, Christpher J.
Weaver, Kirstin D.
Wegmann, Karl W.
Welty, Amy T.
Winkler, Michael J.
Allabastro, Amy J.
Austad, Shawn R.
Bennett, Micah W.
Butler, Daniel A.
Czeck, Dyanna M.
Ferguson, William J.
Fiedorowicz, Brooke K.
Frampton, Joseph B.
Francis, Julie C.
Gunn, Mark A.
Hackworth, Timothy P.
Hales, Geoffrey M.
Harrison, Trent M.
Hettinger, Lynn K.
Kaye, Jonathan Z.
Krop, Matthew S.
Lloyd, Alan K.
McGeehan, Brian M.
Petcovic, Heather L.
Petrecca, D.M.
Picard, Mary Z.
Piontek, Jennifer E.
Reid, Kenneth J.
Robinson, Lori D.
Stockwell, Justin E.
Taft, Kendall E.
Tillinghast, Stephen
Wiseman, Russell L.
Ackland, William Earl
Allwright, Michael
Bard, Eric J.
Baxter, Colden
Benumof, Benjamin T.
Bergk, Katherine J.
Bradley, Philip J.
Brooks, Eric G.
Brown, Leslie H.
Camerlo, Rion H.
Catalano, Anthony W.
Christoffel, Catharine
Cohn, Matthew E.
Curtin, Tara M.
Davis, David Martin
DeLurio, Jennifer L.
Dickfoss, Paul V.
Distler, Joshua
Eigenbrode, Jennifer L.
Elhers, Todd A.
Evans, Robin S.
Faulkner, Barton
Finley, Sarah J.
Gill, Peter W.
Hackney, Michael L.
Hanson, Mark C.
Harris, John H.
Hora, Scott L.
Hurd, Steven A.
Jackson, Bruce M.
Jaynes, Russell Scott
Johnson, Patricia
Karns, Kimberly M.
Katz, Melissa
Keller, Timothy J.
King, Christopher A.
Koning, Daniel J.
Kretchmar, Laura M.
Kulow, Matthew J.
Lewis, David
Littrell, Randy
MacKinnon, Kevin A.
McCoy, Megan
McCrary, Clifford R.
McCullough, Natalie
Mehlop, Andrew L.
Miller, John
Mongano, Gregory
Murray, Keenan M.
Mysona, Eric C.
Nashem, William D.
Nelson, Nicole T.
Niemi, Nathan A.
Oden, Timothy D.
Pekula, John M.
Peterson, Paul
Plummer, Benjamin P.
Poulsen, Christopher J.
Ramsdell, Jason
Reppe, Thomas H.
Rittenhouse, Karen J.
Rufolo, Scott J.
Rutledge, David
Sagebiel, James C.
Schatz, Jeffrey K.
Shanahan, Timothy M.
Shay, Devin T.
Smith, Brett
Smith, Joshua B.
Steinmacher, Shirley
Stettner, Sean N.
Stone, Jeffrey R.
Strenght, Dana Albert
Tautfest, James B.
Underwood, Deborah
Venteris, Erik R.
Warren, Jeffrey D.
Weil, Arlo
Werner, Cynthia
West, Jr., John E.
Wright, Melinda C.
Wunderlich, Jon R.
Zimmerman, Carl L.
Albanese, Christene
Alter, Michael L.
Arnold, Larry R. II
Baden, Dennis A.
Beavers, Rebecca L.
Bergmann, Bryan J.
Bezenek, Sandra R.
Bole, Barrett W.
Brady, Michael
Bultman, Robert P.
Burger, Robert L.
Cain, Stewart A.
Cattaneo, Peter K.
Caylor, Kris A.
Chatfield, Catherine
Cherichetti, Lars C.
Clerk, Ian H.
Crittenden, John B.
Dailey, Michael J.
Davidson, Tiege, J.
Dean, Michael C.
Devivo, Joseph C.
Dunagan, Stan P.
Dytrych, Mary M.
Ellett, Kevin M.
Englert, Scott G.
Feltovich, Jill K.
Garrison, Carolyn E.
Gier, Elizabeth J.
Grissom, Glen A.
Hall, Tim W.
Hart, Miriam L.
Holmstad, Erin F.
Jacobs, Jason D.
Jacobson, Paul W.
Johnson, Denny J.
Kalmar, Peggy M.
Koepele, Patrick C.
Langrock, Holly
Larson, Phillip C.
LeRoy, Thomas H.
Levy, Ralph A.
Luczaj, John A.
Mann, Jeffrey
Menton, Roman C.
Mlekush, Jeffrey M.
Moran, Jeff T.
Murphy, Sheila F.
Nylen, Thomas H.
O’Neil, Susan L.
Pallon, Jennifer E.
Palmer, Jeffrey A.
Phillips Jr., Preston
Powers, Peter
Rinard, Bethany D.
Robertson, Jamie L.
Sanders, Deana M.
Schoemann, Michael L.
Schroeder, Jessie O.
Scott, Erik D.
Sega, Giorgio F.
Smith, Andrew G.
Stidham, Christiane W.
Stoksad, Erik R.
Strain, Angela M.
Taylor, William L.
Trayler, Carolyn R.
Towbridge, Phillip R.
Unkefer, Jason
Vanderveer, Kevin L.
Watson, Blaine A.
White, Kimberly
Winsky, Pamela A.
Wygant, Adam W.
York, Samantha L.
Abolins, Mark J.
Andrew, Joswph E.
Baker, Gregory S.
Ball, Mary C.
Baum, Jill M.
Brexton, David P.
Brown, Christopher B.
Burnett, William J.
Bussey, Kimberly W.
Caldwell, Eric A.
Caldwell, Erik R.
Casserly, Justin E.
Clark, Timothy W.
Coll, Frederic R.
Cook, Robert C.
Cox, Peter S.
Cram, John C.
Cromer, Matthew Z.D.
Denny, Jane F.
DiCesare, Daniel L.
Distlehorst, Jennifer A.
Drake, Patricia A.
Drake, Ronald M., II
Dripps, Weston, R.
Dwyre, Cathryn M.
Evans, David A.
Findell, Kirsten L.
Goodell, Andrew V.
Greene, David M.
Hertleb, Ross D.
Hicks, James E.
Highley, Alan Brad
Kalakay, Thomas J.
Knapp, Kevin R.
Knight, Jay H.
Kuehn, Stephen C.
Leggett, Tanja N.
Lenz, Karen E.
Laonard, Gregory J.
Licht, Kathy J.
Mancino, James C.
Mason, Charles F.
Maudlin, Michael R.
McKenna, Juliet M.
Milewski, Drew J.
Millard, Clayton L.
Mosier, John G.
Nelsen, Chad E.
Oswald, John A.
Paulsen, Sean C.
Peters, Craig L.
Pigati, Jeffrey S.
Pinnow, James S.
Pinsonnault, Scott M.
Priestley, Nina J.
Quigley, Wendolyn C.
Pahnis, Michael A.
Reed, Benjamin C.
Reuber, Eric J.
Rosenberg, Leslie A.
Rosso, Kevin M.
Rowe, James T.
Skinner, June E.
Sobieraj, Joseph A.
Stacy, Mark E.
Taunton, Stefanie S.
Teas, Philip A.
Tokar, Frank J., Jr.
Van Domelen, David J.
Vauter, Brian K.
Weber, Robert J.
Wegman, George J.
Williams, Janie B.
Woosley, Thomas E.
Abrams, Robert H.
Bayse, Colin J.
Boatman, Michael J.
Booth, George C.
Brill, Andrew L.
Carter, Mark W.
Cheyne, Mark A.
Clark, Andrew M.
Cooper, Karl M.
Cowoski, Melissa A.
Crissman, Dale
Dieter, Christopher A.
Finley, Craig M.
Flock, Steve
Force, Jennifer A.
Foster, Jeffrey B.
Fox, Aina M.
Fraracci, Kathy N.
Gansecki, Cheryl A.
Gaskin, Catherine L.
Goddard, James V.
Goodbread, Steven L., Jr.
Halleran, Amy L.
Heibel, Todd D.
Hicks, David L.
Hill, Gregory T.
Hilmes, Marha M.
Hoffmann, Michael F.
Holland, Kerry L.
Janosy, Robert J.
Katz, Gabrielle L.
Kimble, Kathi D.
Kivett, John M.
Kroening, David E.
Laird, Brian T.
Laney, James W.
Lang, Rebecca A.
Maher, David J.
Mast, Gary L.
Mayborn, Kyle R.
McGinty, Megan C.
Mendes, Thomas M.
Messina, Theresa A.
Meyer, Wendy A.
Milling, Marcus E.
Montgomery, James M., Jr.
Morikawa, Shirley A.
Mosenfelder, Jed L.
Paulsen, Timothy S.
Reigel, Steven A.
Reiners, Peter W.
Roberts, Karen E.
Sapp, Amy K.
Sheldon, Brian T.
Smaic, Dejan
Stephens, Kirk A.
Sturdivant, Peter L.
Taylor, David A.
Tepley, Frank J.
Thompson, David L.
Van Hofwegen, Dixon T.
Vasquez, Angela M.
West, Andrew W.
White, Brian C.
Whitesell, Tracy E.
Wise, James M.
Wittenbrink, Sarah A.
Woods, Adrienne J.
Yale, Mara M.
Alvarez, Kristine M.
Borden, John Carter
Buck, Brenda J.
Burner, Scott A.
Bussard, William J.
Caldarano Jr., Anthony J.
Chang, Paul D.
Croker, Sally P.
Foss, Ailyn J.
Franck, Carol R.
Gill, Clifford P.
Grundy, Thomas P.
Harrison, Donald W.
Hummon, Cheryl
Klein, Andrew G.
Knapp, Elizabeth P.
Lawrence, Matthew S.
Lund, Bryan D.
McCamant, Thomas
McCarthy, Padhrig T.
Maizliah, Lisa M.
Miller, Daniel J.
Musser, Douglas L.
Phelps, Geoffrey A.
Powers, Thomas J.
Rougvie, James R.
Ruddy, Kenneth D.
Safreed, Connie M.
Sampson, Thomas R.
Sawyko, III, Leon T.
Snyder, Lori D.
Stewart, Michael A.
Stroh, Robert C.
Swartz, Christopher H.
Taborn Jr., Charles F.
Vaugeois, Laura M.
Wahrer, Marc A.
Young, John R.
Applegate, James D.R.
Battuello, Peter A.
Baumgartner, Scotty D.
Block, Daniel R.
Consolvo, Curtis A.
Couzens, Brent A.
Curran, Christopher A.
Dunlap, Charles E.
Farnsworth, Debi J.
Ferdinand, Lorrin F.
Fetzner, Keith R.
Genau, Robert B.
Gramlich, Sarah B.
Ham, Nelson R.
Hannula, Kimberly A.
Hannula, Steven R.
Hoffine, Stephen R.
Matthews, Sandra D.V.
Melancon, Charles L.
Merkley, Patricia A.
Mustoe, Nathan B.
Owens, Matthew W.
Paramore, Rosemary C.
Parish, Gordon K.
Rupert, Suzanne T.
Sander, Kathleen A.
Schmidt, Kevin M.
Selling, Michael C.
Slagel, Matthew M.
Smith, Virginia K.
Stenberg, Laurie E.
Stevens, Lora R.
Summerside, Scott E.
Wahl, Arthur D.
Ware, Jeffrey V.
White, Douglass W.
White, Kathleen S.

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