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2012 NAGT/USGS Cooperative Summer Field Training Program Interns

Andrew Abbott, Georgia State University
Science Mentor: Curtis Schreffler
Location: Harrisburg and Altoona, Pennsylvania
Project: Geochemical processes relating to resource extraction and aquatic health

Jodie Banks, University of Alaska
Science Mentor: Geneva Chong
Location: Greater Yellowstone Area, Wyoming
Project: Vegetation ecology field team member

Jaclyn Baughman, Colgate University
Science Mentor: Gary Curtis
Location: Menlo Park, California
Project: Characterizing uranium transport in a heterogeneous aquifer at a former mill site

Tyson Berndt, Montana State University
Science Mentor: Thomas Pierson and David Ramsey
Location: Vancouver, Washington
Project: Geologic mapping of Quaternary volcaniclastic depsoits

Austin Blaser, Brigham Young University
Science Mentor: Gavin Hayes
Location: Golden, Colorado
Project: Extending global models of three-dimensional subduction zone geometry

Hannah Blatchford, Beloit College
Science Mentor: David Pilliod
Location: South Fork Salmon River, Idaho
Project: Metal contaminants in steam and riparian food webs at the Stibnite Mine Site

Jane Block, Purdue University
Science Mentor: Daniel Cordier
Location: Reston, Virginia
Project: Global Rare Earth Element reserves, resources, mine production, processing and material flow

Christina Boak, Georgia State University
Science Mentor: Roburt Burruss and Elizabeth Rowan
Location: Reston, Virginia
Project: Geochemistry of fluids in Devonian age strata of the Appalachian Basin

James Bridgeman, Furman University
Science Mentor: Jonathan Glen
Location: Menlo Park, California
Project: Geophysical investigations related to geothermal, mineral, and water resources, and to natural hazards

John Brockman, Miami University of Ohio
Science Mentor: Shane Detweiler
Location: Menlo Park, California
Project: Geological and geophysical studies of the San Andreas Fault System

Ian Cappelle, University of Texas, El Paso
Science Mentor: James Lienkaemper
Location: Northern California
Project: The geologic study of active faults

Justin Cowart, Southern Illinois University
Science Mentor: Michael Cosca
Location: Denver, Colorado
Project: Argon Geochronology of alteration associated with ore mineralization

David Cross, University of Kentucky
Science Mentor: James Kuwabara
Location: Menlo Park, California
Project: Benthic nutrient flux of biologically reactive solutes with a salt pond under restoration

Melissa Davidson, University of Houston
Science Mentor: Michael Lisowski
Location: Yellowstone, Long Valley, Cascade Range
Project: Geodetic monitoring of Cascade Range Volcanoes at Yellowstone

Joshua Davis, University of Florida
Science Mentor: Janet Slate
Location: Lakewood, Colorado
Project: Geologic investigations of USGS-BP-3 corehole, Great Sand Dunes National Park

Timothy Fegel, Eastern Michigan University
Science Mentor: Jill Baron
Location: Fort Collins, Colorado
Project: High Alpine water quality under changing climate

Kiernan Folz Donahue, St. Norbert College
Science Mentor: Jason Alexander
Location: Lincoln, Nebraska
Project: Sandbar dynamics and surface water quality assessment in the Lower Platte River Basin

Bobbijean Freeman, Humboldt State University
Science Mentor: Michael Marshall
Location: Central Valley, California
Project: Water productivity mapping for irrigated crops using farm-level assessments and remote sensing

Benjamin Giamalva, Louisiana State University
Science Mentor: Brady Allen
Location: Cook, Washington
Project: Assessment of Klickitat River adult anadromous fish habitat use via radio telemetry

Daniel Grant, Illinois State University
Science Mentor: Gerard Butch
Location: Troy, New York
Project: Surface-water and ground-water networks

Peter Haproff, University of California, Santa Barbara
Science Mentor: Carol Prentice
Location: Northern California
Project: Earthquake geology and the San Andreas Fault system

Dean Hazle, Hope College
Science Mentor: Curtis Schreffler
Location: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Project: Geochemical processes and pesticides in vulnerable aquifers

Bryan Holmes, University of Washington
Science Mentor: Seth Moran
Location: Vancouver, Washington
Project: Seismic monitoring of Cascade Range Volcanoes

Alexis Iverson, University of Minnesota
Science Mentor: Jennifer Morace
Location: Portland, Oregon
Project: Assessing foodweb resources for juvenile salmonids utilizing the Lower Columbia River

Stephanie James, Colorado State University
Science Mentor: Collin Eagles-Smith
Location: Corvallis, Oregon
Project: Mercury Bioaccumulation in aquatic ecosystems in the western U.S.

Kevin Jones, Auburn University
Science Mentor: William David Menzie
Location: Reston, Virginia
Project: Physical Science Technician

Nathan Kerns, University of Michigan
Science Mentor: Kelly Maloney
Location: Wellsboro, Pennsylvania
Project: Effects of gas drilling in the Marcellus Shale on three class A Wild Eastern Brook trout streams

Erik Knoedler, University of Washington
Science Mentor: Thomas Imbrigiotta
Location: West Trenton, New Jersey
Project: Fate and transport of biodegrading contaminants in fractured rock aquifers

Andrew Kunz, Eastern Illinois University
Science Mentor: Katherine Skalak
Location: Reston, Virginia
Project: Hydrologic technician/geologic technician

Amanda Lanning, Georgia State University
Science Mentor: Denis LeBlanc
Location: Northborough, Massachusetts
Project: Cape Cod toxic substances hydrology field research

Brady Lubenow, Minnesota State University
Science Mentor: Deborah Martin and Sheila Murphy
Location: Boulder, Colorado
Project: Effects of wildfire on stream discharge and water quality

Jason Lubniewski, University at Buffalo, State University of New York
Science Mentor: Lynn Highland
Location: Golden, Colorado
Project: Landslide inventory mapping in support of a new National Landslide Database

Alexandra Macho, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Science Mentor: Cliff Hupp
Location: Reston, Virginia
Project: Hydrological technician

Graham Meese, University of California, Santa Cruz
Science Mentor: Thomas Fondell
Location: Anchorage, Alaska
Project: Hydrologic influence on tundra, pond, and lake ecosystems important to avian herbivores, invertivores, and piscivores

Melanie Newton, Western Kentucky University
Science Mentor: Albert Hofstra
Location: Denver, Colorado
Project: Melt and fluid inclusion analysis in resource investigations

Jason Palu, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Science Mentor: Katherine Kendall
Location: West Glacier, Montana
Project: Noninvasive grizzly bear population monitoring

Christopher Pederson, Colorado School of Mines
Science Mentor: John Lane
Location: Storrs, Connecticut
Project: Applied hydrogeophysics research

Brad Pitcher, Central Washington University
Science Mentor: Jacob Lowenstern
Location: Menlo Park, California and Yellowstone
Project: Quantifying past and present output of magmatic volatiles at the Yellowstone Volcanic System

Kate Potter, Whitman College
Science Mentor: Joseph Walder
Location: Vancouver, Washington
Project: Experimental studies of hazardous hydrological processes on volcanoes

Buddy Price, Western Kentucky University
Science Mentor: Jamie Shanley
Location: Montpelier, Vermont
Project: Hydrologist/hydrologic technician

Joshua Quisenberry, Washington State University
Science Mentor: David Oppenheimer and David Croker
Location: Menlo Park, California
Project: Field technician for Northern California Seismic Network

Amy Radakovitch, St. Norbert College
Science Mentor: Walter Mooney
Location: Menlo Park, California
Project: Earthquake hazards in the central and eastern U.S.

Gregory Salwen, Binghamton University
Science Mentor: Isa Woo and John Takekawa
Location: Olympia, Washington
Project: Nisqually Delta restoration monitoring and evaluation program

Sara Anne Schanz, Western Washington University
Science Mentor: James O'Connor
Location: Portland, Oregon
Project: Fluvial geomorphology and Quaternary geology

Heather Scott, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Science Mentor: John Nimmo
Location: Menlo Park, California
Project: Modeling preferential flow processes in the unsaturated zone

Evan Soderberg, University of Wyoming
Science Mentor: Carl Thornber
Location: Vancouver, Washington
Project: Cascades Volcano Observatory volcanology/petrology intern

Sarah Survis, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Science Mentor: Margaret Berry
Location: Lakewood, Colorado
Project: Surficial geologic mapping in the Greater Platte River basins, Central Great Plains

John Swarz, University of Pittsburgh
Science Mentor: Rob Striegl
Location: Boulder, Colorado
Project: Biogeochemical interactions at environmental interfaces: Yukon River Basin Project

Michelle Taylor, University of Texas at Arlington
Science Mentor: Michael Sweat
Location: Cheyenne, Wyoming
Project: Hydrostratigraphy, groundwater occurrence, and groundwater and surface-water quality in oil and gas provinces subject to hydraulic fracturing

Caitlin Weaver, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Science Mentor: Dean Anderson
Location: Lakewood, Colorado
Project: Quantifying greenhouse gases and energy exchanges, and evapotranspiration over forest, grassland, and urban ecosystems

Sydney Wilson, Western Washington University
Science Mentor: Michelle Walvoord
Location: Lakewood, Colorado
Project: Biogeochemical interactions at environmental interfaces: carbon storage and fluxes in freshwater aquatic ecosystems


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