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Hunt online for the answers to questions about today's hot biological topics.

Older kids should try searching on their own before clicking on the Hint links. You might want to open a separate browser window for your search.

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Invasive Species

1. Which causes more damage more every year?

  • Yes invasive species
  • Yes all natural disasters combined


2. Where did Zebra Mussels come from originally?

  • YesCaspian and Black Seas
  • Yes Serengeti Plain
  • Yes Mussel Beach



3. Which of the following are pollinators?

  • Yes bees
  • Yes butterflies
  • Yes birds
  • Yes bats
  • Yes all of the above


4. Pollinators are important because plants need them to make

  • Yes roots
  • Yes leaves
  • Yes fruit


Endangered Species

5. Fill in the blank: Endangered is defined as a species that is in danger of ___ within its native range.

  • Yes pollution
  • Yes extinction
  • Yes traffic accidents


6. Which continent does not have frogs, toads, or salamanders?

  • Yes Asia
  • Yes Australia
  • Yes Antarctica


Wildlife Diseases

7. Whirling Disease affects what kind of fish?

  • Yes trout and salmon
  • Yes bass and catfish
  • Yes minnows


8. Who transmits the west Nile Virus?

  • Yes ticks
  • Yes mosquitoes
  • Yes snails



9. What are the two major categories of tundra?

  • Yes arctic and alpine
  • Yes desert and rainforest
  • Yes hot and cold


10. How much of the world's surface is covered by oceans?

  • Yes 17%
  • Yes 56%
  • Yes 71%


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