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Grubby grumbled: "It's everybody's business." He turned away muttering something about how bees need to get with it. They weren't pollinating plants like they used to and his cubs would suffer because of it.

Beatrice watched him go. She thought about how the elder bees were preparing her to become a pollinator. Worker bees like herself are some of the best pollinators. They pollinate everything from apple trees to berries to eggplants. They do it when they go shopping for ingredients to make honey: nectar and pollen. Both are stored in the blossom of a plant.

Beatrice had never done any pollinating, but her guard duty would be over soon and she'd become a pollinator soon enough. That's the way worker bees do things. They switch jobs as they age.

Drought last year caused a lot of workers in her hive to give up. The queen was sick from pesticides.

Beatrice instinctively knew Grubby was right. Her bee friends weren't well and she had to save them. But what could one little bee do?

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