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Beatrice saved her colony.
Here are ways you can help honeybees:

  • Plant a bush or flower that would be good for honeybees. Beekeeper clubs in your area know what's best. To find them, pick your favorite online search engine and type in the name of your state and beekeeper associations. A list will come up. Pick the one you think might be right for you.
  • Another fun activity - make bee wings out of an old kite or large pieces of cardboard. Attach them to your back with a belt or rope. Now you can tiptoe around dipping down or disappearing into things like Beatrice did. To really be a bee, paint yellow and black stripes on an old shirt. The fuzzier, the better.
  • Act out the story of "Beatrice the Bee" with your Mom, Dad or friends. Have one of them be Beatrice, the other one, Grubby, the third one, Zot, the fourth one, the Queen. Now switch roles. See what it feels like to be each of these characters.

Other ways to learn about bees:

  • Eat honey. What's really fun is to taste different kinds of honey. Every plant has its own pollen and that pollen creates its own flavor of honey. Next time you go to the store, look for the different colors of honey and try them out. Each color is a different flavor.
  • Where can you buy honey? All stores carry it. But organic stores and roadside markets often carry a wider variety of honey produced by local beekeepers.
  • Before you think about starting a hive of your own, why not take a trip to a local apiary? An apiary is a bee "farm." Beekeepers can't GROW bees, because bees are wild insects. But they do manage them. They have field days that are open to the public. You can go there and watch them inspect the hive. They'll open it up and show you what's inside. Better yet - you can watch them taking the honey.
  • Bee Hunt! Please join us in this scientific study to understand the impact of climate change and other factors on plant-pollinator interactions, geographic distributions, and seasonal abundances.

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