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Beatrice the honeybee made a beeline to the base of the tree to confront Grubby the Bear.

The honeybee's buzz sounded like a rattle shaking very rapidly. Beatrice flew sideways with no difficulty at all. This amazed the bear.

Just then, he felt a breeze so gentle it barely caused a sound. It smelled of honey. Grubby whiffed it. A whiff was all it took. He grabbed the tree trunk with his great big claws and climbed to the hollow in the middle of the tree where the sweet honey was stored in the beehive.

Just as he was about to stick his nose in the honey, Beatrice flashed her stinger at him.

The bear stared at the stinger and s-l-o-w-l-y backed up.

Beatrice lived in the hive with 50,000 bee friends and took guard duty seriously.

From the ground, Grubby, who craved the honey more than anything in the world, angrily pounded out some numbers on his padded paws: If there was one bee buzzing, there could be two. And if two bees were buzzing, there could be four. And if four bees were buzzing, there could be more.

He paused.

Before he could do all the math, Beatrice dropped like a helicopter straight down from somewhere over his head and stopped in midair at eye-level.

"Go back to your cave," she buzzed.

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